After Hours Access

The main doors to each building have a card reader access system. If you should need to gain access into the building after hours, you can use your building access card.

Parking & Building Access Card Form

Building Access

Normal Building Hours are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday, and 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday, however, you may access the building 24 hours a day, seven days a week.   

The main garage adjacent to the buildings has two entrances that are located off of Rio Salado Pkwy, just east of Mill Avenue.

All third party vendors must have valid COI and security access or clearance and appropriate work schedule on file with building security to be granted access to the building.

Building Signage and Directory

Please inform the Management Office of any new signage requests or changes by submitting the Directory & Suite Signage form below.

HFL Directory & Suite Signage Form


Please notify the Property Management office immediately if there are any problems with the cleaning in your office area.

Cleaning for the building is performed by a janitorial service company under rigid specifications and the supervision of Building Management.  Housekeeping inspections are performed regularly by the janitorial service company and Cousins Properties, to ensure that the level of service is of the highest quality.  Good housekeeping is an extremely important part of our tenant services and any suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

  • Daily Cleaning Activities

-General dayporter services are provided five days a week.  The normal hours of service are 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.  Services include:

-Miscellaneous janitorial requests throughout the day, such as vacuuming and trash removal

-Restocking restroom supplies and emptying trash

-Wiping sinks and counters in restrooms

-Disinfecting toilets

-Cleaning of common areas throughout the day

  • Nightly Cleaning Activities

Standard nighttime janitorial services are provided five nights a week.  The normal hours of service are from 6pm - 1am, Monday through Friday:

-Vacuuming lobbies, corridors and high-traffic areas

-Dust mopping and wet mopping all hard surfaced floors  

-Sweeping file rooms, copier rooms, and break rooms

-Spot mopping vinyl floors in file, copier, computer and break rooms, as needed

-Cleaning break room tabletops and counters

-Cleaning glass table tops

-Wiping conference room tables with damp cloth

-Emptying waste baskets and changing liners, as needed

-Wet mopping and sanitizing all restroom floors

-Sanitizing all restroom fixtures, toilets, sinks and urinals

-Cleaning mirrors

-Emptying trash in restrooms

-Restocking restroom paper products and soap

-Cleaning water fountains

  • Trash Removal

If you wish to dispose of trash other than that in the wastepaper basket, please inform cleaning personnel by leaving a "TRASH" sign on these items.  These signs are available upon request.  Please DO NOT leave items that are not trash on top of wastebaskets.

When a considerable amount of trash needs to be discarded, such as boxes from a delivery of supplies, furniture or equipment, please contact Property Management.  Items should be clearly marked as "TRASH" and put in the freight elevator lobbies.  Please DO NOT put trash in hallways or passenger elevator lobbies.

  • Recycling/E-waste disposal

Recyclable materials are collected at the building co-mingled and separated at an offsite facility. We also participate in an E-waste collection program and have bins for E-waste disposal once a year.

Corridor Signage

Hayden Ferry Lakeside has standardized corridor identification plaques (suite plaques) for each Customer suite. In order to ensure proper identification at the time of occupancy, it is important to order the plaques at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to actual move-in. All office signage will be produced and placed according to building standard.

HFL Directory & Suite Signage Form


All deliveries by freight trucks are to be made in the main garage located adjacent to the buildings.  All deliveries made to Customer areas should be done via the freight elevator only.

Large deliveries and / or moves are not allowed during normal business hours. Please contact the Management Office for more information.

We do not take reservations for the freight elevator use. Unauthorized vehicles parked in the loading zone or any other restricted area will be subject to towing at owner's expense.

All vendors making deliveries, pick-ups or that conduct any business requiring them to use the loading dock and / or freight elevator must have a Certificate of Liability Insurance on file with the Management Office 24 hours prior to their arrival. Please contact the Management Office for further details.


Customer floors are serviced by high-speed passenger elevators and one freight elevator per building. Electronic card access may be used to provide controlled access to your floor via a card reader in the elevator cab. If you are having trouble accessing your floor, please notify security.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)

Hours of operation are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday, and by request on Saturday. If after-hours service is needed, please utilize the service request system. Please note that there will be a charge for after-hours A/C according to your lease.For adjustments to the temperature level in your offices, please have your office manager submit a service request through the service request system.

Click here to submit a work order

General Office Security

Please remember to use the buddy system when leaving the building after hours. If you are staying late, please be sure that your main office door is locked. Should you need assistance, please call the Security Desk at 480.450.6661.

Lost and Found

Please contact the Management Office at 602.997.5405 if you have lost or found something in the building.

Mail Service

The mail is delivered and picked up once a day prior to 11am.  All mailboxes are located on the 1st floor of the buildings, near the restrooms. 

NOTE: Due to liability reasons, neither the Property Management office nor Security is able to collect or sign for any Customer packages that are delivered.

Maintenance Requests / Work Orders

Yardi Cafe is the online work order system. Use this system to submit routine maintenance requests directly to the engineering department and to track the status of previously submitted requests. Simply click on the link below, enter your username and password.

Click here to submit a work order

Completing a Service Request Form:

  • Click on Maintenance Request on the left side.

  • Your floor and suite number will automatically populate, unless you have more than one office (Choose correct Unit by clicking on the down arrow).

  • Choose the appropriate Priority, Category, and Sub Category.

  • Add a Brief Description and fill in the Details regarding the request. Please do separate requests for different Request Types. (i.e.: John Doe's office is too hot. Light out in Jane Doe's office.)

  • Click Submit.

Miscellaneous Services

Miscellaneous services such as painting, electrical and plumbing can be performed by building personnel for a fee. The maintenance staff is not able to assist in moving furniture, hanging objects or installing shelving due to liability reasons. Please call the Property Management office at 602.997.5405 to obtain an estimate for any work.

Please note that the expense of replacing fluorescent light tubing in standard fixtures is covered by the Building; however, any other bulbs or service to specialty lighting may be a separate charge to the Customer.


The parking garage is operated by ParkiT. Their office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and they can be reached at 480.968.2199. ParkiT can provide rates of the parking facility as well as parking validation tickets and replacement parking cards for a fee. Click here to view more information regarding the procedures &  policies. Customers wishing to provide courtesy parking for visitors or guest may do through the purchase of validation tickets from ParkiT. In order to ensure that all parking request are handled in a timely and efficient manner, the below parking procedure will provide you a guideline on how to request activations and deactivations, as well as, an understanding of how billing is handled.


To request a new card, replacement card, or an activation you must complete the form below:

Parking & Building Access Card Form


The employee must sign the form and it should be submitted via email to:

TO: ;

CC: ;; 


To request a card to be deactivated, the below deactivation form must be completed and submitted via email to the same personnel listed above.

Parking Deactivation Form

Please note that it is the Customer’s responsibility to keep track of employees and access cards. If an employee leaves the company, it is important to be sure their access card is deactivated immediately. All lease obligated parking charges will be billed by Cousins and will show up on your monthly statements. Any month to month (MTM) overage parking charges will be billed by the garage operator, ParkiT.

Pest Control

The common areas of the building, including restrooms, are treated on an on-going basis. Individual suites can be treated, please contact the Property Management office at 602.997.5405 for details. Any pest problems should be reported immediately via the service request system or by contacting the management Office.

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Rent is due on the first day of each month. Please refer to your Lease for further details.


Solicitation is not permitted. If someone is soliciting in your suite, please notify the Management Office at 602.997.5405 and we will send appropriate personnel to escort them off the premises.