Building Rules and Regulations
  • Access Control - Landlord may from time to time adopt appropriate systems and procedures for the access control or safety of the Building, any persons occupying, using or entering the same, or any equipment, furnishings or contents thereof, and Customer shall comply with Landlord's reasonable requirements relative thereto.
  • Locks - Landlord may from time to time install and change locking mechanisms on entrances to the Building, common areas thereof, and the Premises, and (unless 24 hours access control is provided by the Building) shall provide to Customer a reasonable number of keys and replacements therefore to meet the bona fide requirements of Customer. In these rules, "keys" include any device serving the same purpose. Customer shall not add to or change existing locking mechanisms on any door in or to the Premises without Landlord's prior written consent. If without Landlord's consent, Customer installs lock(s) incompatible with the Building master locking system, (a) Landlord, without abatement of Rent, shall be relieved of any obligation under the Lease to provide any service to the affected areas which require access thereto, (b) Customer shall indemnify Landlord against any expense as a result of forced entry thereto which may be required in an emergency, and (c) Customer shall at the end of the Term and at Landlord's request remove such lock(s) at Customer's expense.

  • Return of Keys - At the end of the Term, Customer shall promptly return to Landlord all keys for the Building and Premises which are in possession of Customer.

  • Windows - Customer shall observe Landlord's rules with respect to maintaining window coverings at all windows in the Premises so that the Building presents a uniform exterior appearance, and shall not install any window shades, screens, drapes, covers or other materials on or at any window in the Premises without Landlord's prior written consent. Customer shall ensure that window coverings are closed on all windows in the Premises while they are exposed to the direct rays of the sun.

  • Repair, Maintenance, Alterations and Improvements - Customer shall carry out Customer's repair, maintenance, alterations and improvements in the Premises only during times agreed to in advance by Landlord and in a manner which will not interfere with the rights of other Customers in the Building.

  • Space Heaters - No portable heaters, space heaters or any other type of supplemental heating device or equipment shall be permitted in the Building. All tenants shall notify their employees that such heaters are not permitted.

  • Water Fixtures - Customer shall not use water fixtures for any purpose for which they are not intended, nor shall water be wasted by tampering with fixtures. Any cost or damage resulting from such misuse by Customer shall be paid for by Customer.

  • Personal Use of Premises - The Premises shall not be used or permitted to be used for residential, lodging, or sleeping purposes or for the storage of personal effects or property not required for business purposes.

  • Heavy Articles - Customer shall not place in or move about the Premises without Landlord's prior written consent any safe or other heavy article which in Landlord's reasonable opinion may damage the Building, and Landlord may designate the location of any heavy articles in the Premises.

  • Carpet Pads - In those portions of the Premises where carpet has been provided directly or indirectly by Landlord, Customer shall at its own expense install and maintain pads to protect the carpet under all furniture having casters other than carpet casters.

  • Bicycles, Animals - Customer shall not bring any animals, fish or birds into the Building, and shall not permit bicycles or other vehicles inside or on the sidewalks outside the Building except in areas designated from time to time by Landlord for such purposes.

  • Deliveries - Customer shall ensure that deliveries of materials and supplies to the Premises are made through such entrances, elevators, and corridors; at such times as may from time to time be designated by Landlord, and shall promptly pay or cause to be paid to Landlord the cost of repairing any damage in the Building caused by any person making such deliveries.

  • Furniture and Equipment - Customer shall ensure that furniture and equipment being moved into or out of the Premises is moved through such entrances, elevators and corridors; at such times as may from time to time be designated by Landlord, and by movers or a moving company approved by Landlord, and shall promptly pay or cause to be paid to Landlord the cost of repairing any damage in the Building caused thereby.

  • Solicitations - Landlord reserves the right to restrict or prohibit canvassing, soliciting, or peddling in the Building.

  • Food and Beverages - Only persons approved from time to time by Landlord may prepare, solicit orders for, sell, serve or distribute foods or beverages in the Building, or use the elevators, corridors, or common areas for any such purpose. Except with Landlord's prior written consent and in accordance with arrangements approved by Landlord, Customer shall not permit on the Premises  the use of equipment for dispensing food or beverages or for the preparation, solicitation of orders for, sale, serving or distribution of food or beverages.

  • Refuse - Customer shall place all refuse in proper receptacles provided by Customer at its expense in the Premises or in receptacles (if any) provided by Landlord for the Building, and shall keep sidewalks and driveways outside the Building, and lobbies, corridors, stairwells, ducts and shafts of the Building, free of all refuse.

  • Obstructions - Customer shall not obstruct or place anything in or on the sidewalks or driveways outside the Building or in the lobbies, corridors, stairwells or other common areas of the Building, or use such locations for any purpose except access to and exit from the Premises without Landlord's prior written consent. Landlord may remove at Customer's expense any such obstruction or thing (unauthorized by Landlord) without notice or obligation to Customer.

  • Dangerous or Immoral Activities - Customer shall not make any use of the Premises which involves the danger or injury to any person, nor shall the same be used for any immoral purpose.

  • Proper Conduct - Customer shall not conduct itself in any manner which is inconsistent with the character of the Building as a first quality building or which will impair the comfort and convenience of other Customers in the Building.

  • Employees, Agents and Invitees - In these Rules and Regulations, Customer includes the employees, agents, invitees and licensees of Customer and others permitted by Customer to use or occupy the Premises.

  • Housekeeping - Customer shall prevent paper, books, magazines, and other obstructions from being placed on heat, ventilating and air conditioning convectors and any other interference with the heat, ventilating, and/or air conditioning system with the Premises.

  • Energy Conservation - Customer shall make every effort to practice energy conservation within the Premises and will cooperate with Landlord in establishing and implementing such conservation programs as Landlord may from time to time develop.

  • No Smoking - Customer shall not allow any smoking in or about the Building. "Smoking" shall mean inhaling, exhaling, burning, carrying, or possessing any lighted tobacco product, including, without limitation, cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. Landlord reserves the right to promulgate additional rules for the Building which may include fines upon Customers of the Building whose employees and invitees do not comply with rules prohibiting smoking in or about the Building. Customer shall exercise diligent efforts to cause its employees and invitees not to smoke in or about the Building (besides designated outdoors areas).

Contractors Rules & Regulations

​Cousins endeavors to provide its Customers (i.e., tenants) at Hayden Ferry Lakeside with a professional and peaceful work environment. It will take an effort by each contractor engaging in business at the Building to promote this environment, and we expect this attitude from each individual employed by each such company. Each project manager should explain these issues to his crew and require adherence by all. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in providing a professional attitude while participating in matters concerning the Building. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Cousins at 602.997.5405.

  • Prior to the commencement of any construction work in the Building, each general contractor and/or independent contractor is required to submit a certificate of insurance, in limits acceptable to Cousins Properties, Inc.
  • Cousins also reserves the right to inspect each general contractor's requirements for certificates of insurance for their subcontractors. 
  • Any work to the Building's life-safety, electrical, or mechanical systems must be arranged in advance through the Engineer of the Building.
  • Any large deliveries, activities affecting Cousin's Customers, or access to electrical or telephone closets or the roof must be coordinated through the Engineer with appropriate prior notice.
  • Cousins reserves the right to stop and reschedule any work creating noise (i.e., concrete drilling, concrete chipping, etc.) that disturbs nearby Customers. In all cases, this work may have to be performed on weekends or before 8 am or after 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. No core drilling is allowed without prior approval from Cousins. 
  • Carrying tools and equipment on the passenger elevator is strictly forbidden.
  • In areas where there will be a large amount of dust generated, it is the contractor's responsibility to bag the smoke detector in the area commencing work and remove the bag at the end of the day. The main-floor return-air grills shall be covered with filter media before any demolition, construction, or cleaning of work area. Cousins must approve filter media and will provide to the contractor the locations of the return-air grills. 
  • All trash must be disposed of daily and not be present near windows. Construction personnel are prohibited from taking breaks or eating lunch in the public access areas of the Building. 
  • The contractor is totally responsible for protecting existing finishes, furniture, etc. from any work conducted in an occupied or unoccupied space or nearby Customer space. Any damage done in these spaces will be the sole responsibility of the contractor. Any damage done to the common areas or the elevator will be the sole responsibility of the contractor. 
  • The Engineer must be contacted at least two hours prior to any welding so the fire alarm systems can be turned off. 
  • All clean-up of trash and trash removal from the building and surrounding areas is the sole responsibility of the contractor. Placement of a dumpster in the loading dock must be coordinated with the Engineer. 
  • The contractor shall be responsible for cleaning the interior of the windows and sills prior to Substantial Completion of the job. 
  • The Building's standard hours of operation are from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday. 
  • The Engineer's standard hours of operation are from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • It is the contractor’s responsibility to provide Masonite to protect the elevator and common-area floors when bringing in materials or otherwise working in the Building. It shall be removed by the contractor at the end of each workday.
  • All common areas used by the contractor shall be cleaned and vacuumed by the contractor at the end of each workday. 
  • The contractor shall provide a construction phone, if necessary. 
  • Hayden Ferry Lakeside has nonsmoking buildings.
  • No hazardous chemicals or E.P.A. hazardous substances shall be used in the Building.
  • After hours work during the week and weekend must be approved ahead of time by the Building Manager or Engineer, so an appropriate memorandum can be timely forwarded to the security guard on duty. 
  • Plans must be preapproved by the Building Manager or Engineer prior to commencement of work.
  • Contractors, subcontractors, vendors and installers but are not limited to:
    • General Contractors
    • Cable
    • Telephone
    • Electrical 
    • Plumbing 
    • Moving
    • HVAC
    • Sprinkler

Thank you for helping us maintain a peaceful and professional work environment at Hayden Ferry Lakeside.

Cousins reserves the right to amend these constructions rules and regulations without notice. 


Parking Rules and Regulations

Policies and procedures pertaining to traffic and parking at Hayden Ferry Lakeside are necessary to establish safe driving conditions and the orderly ingress and egress of vehicles. These general policies and procedures for vehicle parking at the Hayden Ferry garage were developed to provide order, reasonable assignment of parking privileges as possible, and a maximum use of all parking areas keeping in mind the best interests of all user groups at the facility, including employees, vendors, and visitors.

Authority and Liability:

Under the direction of Cousins Properties, the Downtown Tempe Authority (dba Parkit) shall implement and enforce policies and procedures governing traffic and parking matters. Cousins nor Parkit assumes any liability or responsibility for loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents parked in the parking areas or facilities.

Vehicle Registration Form:

A Vehicle Registration Form must be filled out by all employees who utilize the parking facility. This form will provide information to Parkit to accurately register the HID access badge with the parking facility allowing the employee to enter and exit the garage. If Parkit does not receive the employees Vehicle Registration Form, or if any portion of the form is left blank, then any HID badge that is issued will not operate the gates.

Rules and Regulations:

While parking at Hayden Ferry Garage, only marked stalls may be used. A warning may be issued for parking outside of marked stalls. If a parking space is unavailable, or in some cases obstructed by another vehicle, seek an alternate space. Inability to locate a legal parking space will not excuse a parking violation for improper parking.

  • All employees with rights to the Hayden Ferry Lakeside Garage must use their HID access card for every entry and exit. Failure to do so will result in you being charged the prevailing daily rate.
  • All employees with an HID access card must park on level 2 or higher – no exceptions. This also includes employees that are working a half day or less.  Employees with reserved parking, ALWAYS park in your assigned space.

  • There will be no parking in a reserved space unless it is assigned to you.  Offenders are subject to possible fines, booting and/or towing.

  • Do not utilize more than one parking space. Violators will be subject to possible fines, booting and/or towing.

  • The speed limit is 5 MPH. Speeding or reckless operation of your vehicle will result in revocation of parking privileges.

  • Follow all directional signs.

  • These rules are in effect 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

  • During event parking all employees can use their HID access card to enter the parking facility free of charge.  You must have you access cards present or you must pay the daily event fee.

  • The employee is responsible for the parking fees of any vendor entering the facility for vehicle repairs (i.e. window replacements). Employees caught using their access cards letting a vendor/visitor or coworker out will be charged the prevailing daily rate. 

  • Hayden Ferry Lakeside access card holder assumes all risks associated with parking at Hayden Ferry Lakeside.  By using this card you agree to hold harmless management and its principals from all damages, personal or material, including theft. This card grants license only. No bailment is created.

  • When the Garage is in event mode, tenants will have access to the garage and will not be charged for as long as they have their badge. If the tenant does not have their badge they will be subject to pay the full price of the event parking at that time. 
  • Metered parking on the plaza is also incorporated in the event parking and will not be available for tenant parking.  Additionally, during event parking we cannot guarantee that an assigned reserved space will be available in below grade 1 for this section is utilized during event parking as well. 
  • During times of event parking some of the entrances and exit gate will be blocked off and shut down in an effort to direct event goers to the proper lanes. Picking up cones and moving signs to gain access to an area tenants normally have is not acceptable and interfere with operations.

  • Overnight parking or storage of vehicles is not permitted in the parking garage, apart from AC Hotel guests.

Citation: The following is a list of common reasons a vehicle can be cited but not limited to;

  • Parking in a HANDICAPPED space without displaying the proper valid credentials
  • Parked in a NO PARKING zone
  • Parked in a Fire lane
  • Blocking a driveway
  • Unauthorized parking in a Reserved Parking space
  • Improperly parked (on/over stall lines, taking up multiple stalls)
  • Vehicles not in acceptable condition (leaking fluids, disabled)
  • Parking in the loading and unloading areas of the turnabouts and the garage breeze way
  • Tampering with any parking equipment, including but not limited to lifting of the gate arms
  • Driving over the speed limit

ALL vehicles found illegally parked are subject to being towed or booted at the owner’s expense. If an individual has reoccurring offenses, restrictions to the garage will be determined and the possibility of parking privileges being revoked. In the event a vehicle is cited for a violation, a record is created containing the registered owner’s information, the reason for the citation and photographs highlighting the incident.


Steps for Citations:

  • Warning sticker placed on vehicle – email office contact to notify employee
  • Booting of vehicle – email office contact to notify employee

(At this time no fee has been discussed for removal of boot but is subject to change)

Cooking / Food Preparation

Food preparation equipment is not allowed in Customer spaces unless the space was specifically constructed for food preparation. Microwaves and coffee pots are allowed but may require upgraded electrical to accommodate the additional electrical load. Any equipment/devices that are brought in that can burn food, cause smoke and/or fire, is subject to removal by Management.  Open flames are not permitted in customer spaces or the Building (candles, wax warmers, canned heat for food warming, i.e., Sterno, Royal Oak, etc.

Insurance Protection

Customer Insurance

Please refer to the Insurance Article in your Lease for the exact coverage requirements for the Certificate of Insurance.

Vendor Insurance

All visitors, delivery services, and vendors that conduct any business within Hayden Ferry Lakeside Buildings must have a Certificate of Liability Insurance on file with the property management office 24 hours prior to their arrival.

Click here for the Vendor Insurance Memo

Moving Procedures

Large deliveries and/or moves are not allowed during normal business hours. A notification must be sent by Management to Security prior to any moves. The moving vendor must have a Certificate of Insurance on file prior to the scheduled move. Please contact the Property Management office to coordinate your move or for more information.

HFL Moving Requirements

Suite Alterations

ANY physical change to the Customer improvements in your office requires prior written approval from the Property Management office. This is to ensure that all building safety and governmental code regulations are met. Additions such as furnishings are not subject to approval. If suite modification is required, including any electrical or mechanical work, the Property Management office can provide pricing and construction management services.


Hayden Ferry Lakeside maintains a no smoking policy throughout the building, including all common areas, the lobby, restrooms, stairwells, and elevators. In addition, it is against Arizona law to allow any smoking within 20 feet of all entrances and inside a place of business.

Customer shall not allow any smoking in the Building. There are three designated smoking areas within the project. The designated area for the 80 Building is the exterior patio area located on the East side of the building. The designated are for the 60 Building is outside of the West Entrance to the building. The designated area for the 40 Building is located North of the building, each area has signage and markings.

"Smoking" shall mean inhaling, exhaling, burning, carrying, or possessing any lighted tobacco product, including, without limitation, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. Landlord reserves the right to promulgate additional rules for the Building which may include fines upon Customers of the Building whose employees and invitees do not comply with rules prohibiting smoking in or about the Building (besides designated outdoors areas).  Smoking and the use of tobacco products and all forms of smoking, tobacco use, and unregulated nicotine products including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookahs, water pipes, electronic cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco products (snuff, snus, chew) is strictly prohibited inside the building and the inclusion of designated smoking areas are prohibited at all outdoor areas, including rooftops and parking areas within the building site. All forms of smoking, tobacco use and unregulated nicotine products including those previously listed are prohibited.

Customer shall exercise diligent efforts to cause its employees and invitees not to smoke in or about the Building besides designated outdoor areas.